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Monday, July 29, 2013


The. Last. Day.
Sorry, not a lot of pictures on the way to Ft Madison.
Day 7 2013
The Mason House Inn B&B in Bonaparte.  This little community has maybe a half0dozen buildings.  Everyone was in period costume (1880s) and they were very welcoming.  They even let us use the indoor bathroom (and not porta potties)! 

Norm and Libby chatting at the meet up point a mile from the end of the ride.  We gathered here for a group ride to our final destination.

Last pic with John, Mary Lee and Tim.

Riding in a two-by-two formation the last mile.  Survivors in the front.  A moving spectacle.  I always think of Julie during this part of the ride.

And those in formation behind me.  That's Barb on the left and Meg on the right.

The final yards.  (Photo from Tim's daughter.)

It's official!  Another RAGBRAI completed.  Front tire in the Mississippi.

In Memory of Julie.

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