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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Day 4 2013

Most of the main campground in Des Moines was already down by the time I rolled out Wednesday morning.
Traffic jam getting out of the Water Works Park
Crossing the Des Moines River

The Iowa state capital building.

Monument to fallen soldiers/heroes.  I'm not sure, but from the road it looks like the woman in the center of the base is fondling her breasts.

Another MUST EAT RAGBRAI regular.  Farm Boys breakfast burritos!  Look at that line.

Team Flamingo is ... IN. DA. HOUSE!

SE Polk HS band played for us.  They were good.  Only band I saw that week.  Well, HS band, anyway.

Half-way thru the week, the miles (and beers?) were taking their toll.  Time to rest and rejuvenate. 

For $5, a pair of riders could don a fireman's coat and helmet and challenge another pair to an old fashioned fireman's water fight.  Linda and Gina from our team did this and won. Looked like fun.  But, no, I didn't do it.

We crossed the Des Moines River four times this day, including crossing on this mile long bridge.

Back at camp, ready to set up the tent in Knoxville.  We were next to the community center ... with an indoor pool!  That was relaxing.

LIVESTRONG staffers, Kim & Brian hamming it up at the team meeting.  Kim is the person who takes care of all the logistics and Brian is the team leader.  Two of the best people ever!

Tour at the Peace Tree Brewery in Knoxville.  Great beer.  Loved the Blonde Fatale!  Went with John & Mary Lee and Jim & Linda.  Great people!

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