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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Today was a short day, and I rode pretty much straight thru to Des Moines. Several members of our team went to visit Camp Kesem, an organization that provides overnight camps for children whose parents have or had cancer. LIVESTRONG supports Camp Kesem. 

This was actually the night before - probably about 9pm.  Big storm came through - high winds, rain, and marble sized hail.  A few things got wet, and there were a few puddles in the tent.  Nothing that couldn't get cleaned up though.
Day 3 2013

Dawn is breaking, looks like a beautiful day ahead.
Welcome to Minburn!

Not the first into town, I see.

The line for breakfast hosted by the locals.  It was a great meal.
Riders capturing their memories of another small town in Iowa.

These guys drove from San Diego to sell pizzas on RAGBRAI.  Yes, it's an actual fire truck.  Yes, the back end has been converted into a woodburning oven. Yes, the pizzas are delicious!  And fast.  It only takes a couple minutes to cook a full size pizza.

After a wet spring, the summer has been dry in southern Iowa.

A lemonade stand on the side of the road as we entered the Des Moines metro area.  It was good.
Camp Kesem counselors give Team members a tour of the facility and talk about the program.  Counselors are all college student volunteers who also must fundraise to finance the camp so that the weeklong camp is free to campers.  Campers are children whose parents have or had cancer.  It's a place where they can talk about their experiences with others who have been there too.  This particular camp had 56 campers and 32 counselors from Augustana College.
We didn't just observe the camp in action, some team members were drawn into the activities.  Here a LIVESTRONGer and a camper are paired up trying to get a penny out of a nylon stocking, racing another pair doing the same.

Camp Kesem campers with members of

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