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Sunday, July 21, 2013


I'll add text later. But this gives you a snapshot of today's RAGBRAI ride.

Also, here is my Strava rider report for anyone looking for ride data.

Day 1 2013
Radar at 4:42 a.m.  Earlier, the cells to the west were all connected into one big storm system in a crescent around Omaha/Council Bluffs.  The break allowed us to stay dry that morning.

A beautiful dawn break to start RAGBRAI with.
Early riders at the official dip in site.  This was a couple miles from camp.

Officially starting my RAGBRAI with the dipping of my back tire in the Missouri River.
Riders rolling out of Council Bluffs to start the 406.6 mile trek to Ft Madison.
RAGBRAI breakfast - sausage, potato, egg, cheese, salsa, sour cream on the left and maple nut french toast with strawberries and cream on the right.
CONGRATS to the happy couple!  (I actually saw another recently married couple later in the week.)
Things get a little corny on RAGBRAI.
The Welcome to Shelby Sign.
Team COW.  Yes, that is an ear tag (#122) attached to the ear on her helmet.  Yes, there were more than a few members of Team Cow.
Tennant, IA.  Last stop before Harlan.
Beekman's Ice Cream - a staple and "must have" of RAGBRAI.  This is made fresh daily using these single-cylinder engines to turn the mixer.  You can see the small glass "tank" above the motor.  Great ice cream.  Almost worth the $6.00 for a cup of it.

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