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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Rides

So I'm looking at the calendar trying to figure out when and where I can ride an organized ride that isn't too far away.  There are three coming up in the next 6-1/2 weeks that I am really interested in.  Two are on the same weekend (4/30 and 5/1).

The first is a charity ride, Feed the Need Ride, raising funds for local food pantries in SW WI.  That part of the state has always struggled economically for as long as I can remember.  (I grew up in Dbq, IA which is just across the Mississippi River from this region.)  So, this is a great cause.  There's a 12-mi family ride option, two 50K rides (morning and afternoon - or you can do both!), 75K, 100K, or a 150K.  I am thinking I'll sign up for the 75K ride. 

The next ride is a part of LaCrosse Fitness Festival the weekend of April 29-May1.  In addition to a marathon, half-marathon, and cycling criterium, there is also a bike tour of the Coulee Region on Saturday of the weekend, with 32 and 62 mile options.  The website describes the rides as "a liesure, noncompetitive, untimed event."  But goes on to describe the 62-mi route as having "rolling hills and a few major climbs. Incredible scenery and great cycling for the experienced rider!"  I am torn.  I would like to do the 62, but...

The next day is the Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride and Minnesota Gran Fondo (MGF).  The Gran Fondo is a timed ride, with 68 and 100 mile options.  The riders ride the same course as those doing the untimed Ironman Ride.  The Ironman also has 17 and 30 mile options.  There is a limited number of riders for the MGF, but if I can't get in that, I can still ride the Ironman.  The only difference is the timing mechanism.  And the reg fees for the MGF include the jersey.  The Ironman jersey is sold separately (and I might not buy it - not a great design, imo).

I could do a 62-mi ride in LaCrosse on Saturday and a timed 100-miler on Sunday if I were back in RAGBRAI shape.  But, I'm not.  Right now, I'm riding 3-miles twice a day during the week and getting in a 12-15 mile ride in on the weekend.

If I didn't have other commitments after-work, maybe I could devote more time to riding a couple/few hours each day and take longer rides on the weekends and it wouldn't be a problem.  But, I don't know if I can get enough serious ride time in to be ready for a 100K and a 100-mi on consecutive days.

What do you think?
a) 62-mi in LaCrosse + 100-mi MGF,
b) 32-mi in LaCrosse + 100-mi MGF,
c) 62-mi in LaCrosse + 68-mi MGF, or
d) 32-mi in LaCrosse + 68-mi MGF?

If I were to be conservative, I would (and maybe should) choose D.  I would like to choose A, but don't seriously think I'll be ready in time.  What would you do?

Later in the spring, on Sunday, June 5, I'll be in Milwaukee for the Miller Arts Ride for the Arts pedaling the 75-mi route. I know I can be ready for that!

If you are in the neighborhood of any of these rides and want to meet up, follow the links above and let me know.  I'd love to ride w/ you.  Or at least watch you ride away from me.

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  1. I think I have made up my mind - subject to change until I send the form in...

    Option B. I'll take it easy in LaCrosse and go for the Gran Fondo Century the next day.

    Why? Andy Thieman is why. Andy is fighting testicular cancer (diagnosed on Christmas Eve, 2010) but is committed to riding every day. And he'll be riding the Gran Fondo Century.

    More an Andy here: