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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Bike Commute Continues

Not a lot to report on my own riding this past week.  I logged 35 miles during the week, including a 12 mile ride on Sunday.  I have been doing the park and ride during the week.  Generally, I park about 3 miles away from the office and ride my bike in.  It's not of riding, but it works out great.  Even in the current weather (in the 20s on the ride to work).

Sunday was a great ride, despite not having acquired the appropriate footwear (see last week's post).  My rides are slower than last fall (ok, summer), but it'll come. As will lung capacity and leg strength.

So, the long and short of it that I rode 5 of the seven days last week.

One new development in the bike world is #30daysofbiking.  What is 30 Days of Biking?!?  Simply a commitment to ride every day for a month in April. 

The only rule for 30 Days of Biking is that you bike every day for 30 days—around the block, 20 miles to work, whatever suits you—then share your adventures online. We believe biking enriches life, builds community, and preserves the Earth. This is the second year, and third round, of 30 Days of Biking!

So, if you like biking and/or want to take a step to improve your health and happiness, make a commitment to ride every day this April.  Register here.

I'm hoping that part of my 30 days will include a charity ride called Feed the Need to benefit local food pantries in southwestern Wisconsin.  Ride distances include 12-mi; 50K, 75K; 100K; and 150K.  There are also run option, duathlons, and a 50K ride-5K run-50K ride combination.  Wanna join me?  Or want more information?  Click the link above.

I would also like to wrap the month up with riding the Coulee Region Bike Tour in LaCrosse at the end of the month (4/30).  There are 32-mile and 62-mile options. 

Big things in the works for April.  Better get busy in March to get ready!

Oh, and before I go, this is a great time to remind my readers that I am raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation via the RAGBRAI Team LIVESTRONG.  So far, I am already more than 25% towards my goal.  While I won't be able to ride with the team this year, that doesn't mean the work that LAF does gets time off, too.  If you want to support a great cause, please consider supporting my efforts by making a donation here.  THANKS!

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