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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Time is Bike Time!

The last time I posted, it was to wrap up #30DaysOfBiking with snapshot capsules of each day.  That was April.

Now it's mid-May.  May is Bike Month.  May 14-18 is Bike to Work Week.  May 18 is Bike to Work Day.  7:46 a.m. is Bike to Work Minute.

Nearly all my rides this month have been #bikecommute rides on most workdays.  And what a great way to get to/from work. It doesn't take much more time, it saves gas, it adds joy. And I feel good.

12 of 13 days so far this month, I've left the car in the garage and have ridden the 10.5 miles to work.  That's 283 miles from home to work (including rides home the west way and riding to vote earlier this month).

Plus a 45 mi road ride.  It was a great ride going 20 miles east on Highway 19 to Marshall and then back home, via the east/north side of Madison.  Not a lot of hills, but it was a bit breezy.

Unfortunately, that's been my only road ride of the month so far.  But that's ok.  The ride time will come.  Some times there are more important things to do.  Like Mother's Day.  :^)  And spending the day at dance recitals and/or competitions. 

My next organized ride is Sunday, June 3, in Milwaukee at the UPAF Ride for the Arts.  I'm registered for the 75-mile route.  This'll be the third year I've ridden this ride, so I'm familiar with the route (pretty flat). But it's my first doing the 75. 

So, to get ready, I'll ride on Sunday, then again next weekend.  And I'll keep doing the bike commuting.

What about you?  Are you riding?  For transport? For sport? For fun? For exercise?  Tell me about your Bike Month.

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  1. Great job, Bob! I definitely want to ride my bike to work. It is ~16 miles one way, so totally doable. The only downside is a lack of shower facilities here in my building, plus the time commitment. With my little ones at home, I want to get home as quickly as possible at night to see them for dinner before they head off to bed. But one of these days I will definitely try it!

    I've been rehabbing my left knee for part of this month, so my miles (73) are down considerably from April (180). However, I am slowly but surely building my mileage back up in time for the MS 150 on 6/9 & 6/10, and will get 34 more miles in on my ALS bike ride tomorrow morning.

    It sure does help to have events and goals like these to train for, doesn't it?