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Thursday, May 3, 2012

#30DaysOfBiking final

April is over, and with it, this round of 30 Days of Biking.  I left off last time with Day 16 of the challenge.  Here's what I was up to for the last two weeks. 

Day 17:

A couple other commuters on the bike path in Madison. (And fun w/ InstaGram)

Day 18: Faster than a speeding train:
Follow this link to a brief video.  Ok, not speeding, but I did pass it on the isthmus that day.  :^)

Day 19: Late. Wet. Cold. But I rode.
A brief one mile ride in the rain at the end of the day.  I reached behind me and took a shot of the tail light on my saddle bag.
Day 20: The Bridges of Madison City are rivetting!
An old railroad bridge over the Yahara River now converted for bike / pedestrian use.
Day 21: Chasing My Shadow
At the end of a long road ride, I snapped this pic.  I previously blogged the details about the day here.
Day 22: Twilight Ride
Again, a short ride before the day ended.  This one offered a beautiful view of Venus and a crescent moon.
Day 23: The view outside my office
When I get work, I get to look at the most beautiful state capital building in the country.
Day 24: Bike Commute: Not just for home to office and back
I had a meeting to end my day out by East Towne - about 7 miles from the office.  So, not only did I ride to work, but I rode from the office to the meeting and then from the meeting home.  This is me pedaling out E Washington on my way to the meeting.
Day 25: Bike Commute: Not just for sunny days
Drizzle and light showers marked my ride this day.  But, with the right gear, it's not a problem.
Day 26: Not my pic
I'm not the only one enjoying two wheels.  This pic is courtesy of my sister who now lives in Florida.  That morning, she and Nick rode to the beach to watch the sunrise while enjoying some coffee. *Jealous*
Day 27: RELAYS!
It's Drake Relays weekend in Des Moines, IA.  In honor of my alma mater, and the friends I miss who were gathered to eat, drink, and enjoy America's Classic, I wore my Drake jersey.  Wish I was there.
Day 28: Feed The Need
This pretty much summed up the day's weather. To read about the ride and see some pics, go here, to a blog post I wrote earlier this week.
Day 29: Another late night spin in the rain
I don't know why this won't rotate - even after resaving the original post-rotation. C'est la vie.  Anyway, it was 10:30, it was 43°F, and it was raining.  But I needed that ride.  Wasn't the greatest day.  And, yes, this was the highlight of the day! :^)
Day 30: CHECK!
I completed the challenge! I rode a bike every day this month.  Even if only for a spin around the block.  I was in the saddle and on the road.
Oh, and cool little side note, for me anyway... I was part of Team and Darryl had a contest on who could earn the most points in the month. The results are in, and I came in second with 108 points (#WW, r.i.p.).  And, thanks to the fine folks at Clif Bar and Sufferfest, I have a prize package on my way.  Congrats to Julie for winning the contest! 

Next up, Bike Month (May)!

Ride On! And Keep the Rubber Side Down!