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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I want to thank everyone - all 60 of you!!! - who supported my fundraising efforts again this year!  Many of you have contributed for each of my three years riding with Team LIVESTRONG.  Together, we have contributed more than $2500 this year and $10,000 to the Lance Armstrong Foundation since 2010. 

Please know that your contributions to the Foundation are going to provide support for cancer patients and their support networks, whether it be assistance navigating the bureaucracy of the medical and insurance world, or educational materials.  There is on-line, call center, and printed materials.  All of this is provided for free to people who need it.

Harvey and Mary Avery
James Avery
Patricia A Black
Robert C Borch
Martha Alejandrina Boyd
michael brevig
Brain Brewer
Debra K Brown
Victoria Chung
Jason Dummert
Erin Fath
Gene L Fornecker
Joseph Gill
Jenny Goldschmidt
Ilya Gorbonos
scott gralla
erin green
Lisa Marie Green
Christina Hafeman
Rodney Hawkins
Kathleen L Johnson
Richard J. Ketter
Jennifer Knecht
Lynn Knight
Mike Koltes
Jerome Landmark
Sandy Langer-Wood
Loretta L Langlois
Stephanie Laudon
Tammy Jean Lenbom
Keith Lucius
Erin E Lynett
Janelle Marotz
Ken Mischler
Linda R Mont
Krissy Nelson
Brad Olson
Annalisa Oswald
Natalie Rew
Howard C Richards
Daniel M. Romano
Margaret Rudolph
Debby Schufletowski
Linda Skoglund
Margaret Smith
Bob Soldner
Patricia Sprang
Catherine St Jean
Mary Stapenek
Timothy Stellmacher
Matt Storlie
Chayot Thongklin
Mary Ellen VanValin
Lisa Voisin
Lisa Voisin
John Vonder
Woodrow Wiedenhoeft
Michael Worringer

I hope I can count on your support again in 2013.  I look forward to riding again.  I look forward even more to a time when cancer is a footnote in history, not a threat to the lives of our loved ones or ourselves.


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