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Monday, October 22, 2012


Well, it's still hard to get more than a few minutes to write out the post for the last day of this year's ride. Plus I need to do a post thanking all my sponsors. And, for good or ill, one addressing the latest news regarding Lance Armstrong and my future with the team (hint: I'm staying! and plan to ride again next year).

But first, my post about Day 7.

The last day was almost 70 mi from Anamosa to Clinton (one of the longer last days). There would be some ups and downs today as we got closer to the river.

The thing about the last day is that the team schedules a meet up location/time. This is the only time all week we need to somewhere at a specified time. We would meet at about Noon at a small college campus inside Clinton. But more on that later.

I had a chance to ride with a couple of strong athletes today: Matt Rivera (a marathoner) and Andy Wirsing (who rode his bike from Clinton home ... to UPSTATE NY! after we finished ... in 6! days).

Maybe the best compliment was from Andy, when we were hugging the left lane and flying, commenting about how fast I was driving the train. Of course, gravity was giving me a big hand in that as we were going down a long descent. We hit an intersection and turned left at full speed (maybe 25). Fortunately, we hit a gap in the group so I swing a little to the right before diving thru the corner. That was fun!

Andy dropped me going up the next hill. (Oh gravity, you can be such a fickle partner!)

#SeenOnMyBike - a beautiful view from on top of a hill overlooking the farmland valley in eastern Iowa

Matt stayed with me and we rode together the rest of the way to Clinton. We got in a couple pacelines that we're chugging along pretty well. But we kept coming upon congested bike traffic and cars coming the other way. I finally suggested we jump out. Too busy for a paceline, I thought.

Eventually we made it to the team meet up location in Clinton. Traditionally, the team rides the last couple miles to the the Mississippi in formation, two-by-two, survivors in the front. It's an amazing experience. (Hence the scheduled time.) This year, I caught it on video on the cell phone. (Sorry its sideways.) Here is the video:

Heading Home. Hoping my memories don't fade like the shadows.

Finally, I want to thank my Team LIVESTRONG teammates (all of who I hope I can now call friends!) for a wonderful week. I don't want to leave anyone out, so I'll skip listing everyone by name. It was great spending the week with you. I can't wait to see you all again next July!

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