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Monday, April 11, 2011

Odds and Ends

Last week I was successful in climbing into the saddle each day.  It was a good week for commuting for the three days I was in the office.  I was out sick on Wednesday, but by the end of day, felt well enough to ride a couple miles.  On Friday was at a conference, but hit the fitness room at the hotel for 45 minutes on the stationary bike.  I capped the week off with two great rides this past weekend.

On Saturday, I rode almost twice as far as I had all year.  I went 39.35 miles in just under 2-3/4 hours with a couple of decent climbs.  The day was cooler than predicted and overcast.  I let the bike decide where to go, and by the first 1/2 mile had already gone a different direction than I was thinking I would when I saddled up.  From Waunakee, I ended up riding through Cross Plains to County Hwy S back to Madison.  Heading south of of Cross Plains on Cty P was the first big (relative to the any others to date this year) was ahead.  When I reached the top, I was smiling from ear to ear.  Felt GREAT to conquer the hill.  After coming back down the other side, I turned to head east to Madison.  I wasn't sure where I'd come into town, but I knew I'd get there. Just over 6 miles later, I arrived at the strip malls and mega-churches.  I turned north and let the tailwind push back to Waunakee.

On Sunday, the air had warmed into the upper 70s but the wind had kicked up from the S-SW.  Of the almost 27 miles I rode, about 11 were into the wind and only 7 had it at my back.  And at 6'1", 225, my body acts like a sail when I have a tailwind, but a parachute when riding into it.  This explains why my average speed was under 15 for the ride. 

These are the ones that I designed with the help of some twitter friends and the good people at Groucho Sports.  The jerseys can be ordered here if you are interested.  This is really exciting to see my vision come to life as a jersey.  And it's for a great cause!  Part of the profits go to the World Bicycle Relief.  A $114 donation was made just from the pre-order.

At some point soon (I hope), the Loving The Bike jersey and shorts will be on sale.  And a third design may see the light of day too.  This one for #30DaysOfBiking.
Though it is likely that if this one is made it will be different from this. (Though I love this one!)

Anyway, this coming Saturday is the Feed the Need ride in SW WI to raise money for food pantries in that part of the state.  I signed up for the 75 kilometer (about 46.6 mi) ride.  Having just done almost 40 a couple days ago, I am more confident about this ride.  Though I did look at the profile today, and there are four Cat-5 hills to climb.  But, I'd rather have hills to climb than wind to cut through.  Hopefully the weather will be better than what is currently in the forecast - overnight low of 24, high of 44, with some... SNOW!  Not sure I'll be showing off the #bikeschool jersey.  But I'll be wearing it.

Have an incredible week!  Thanks for reading.  Comments welcome.


  1. Yep, the Loving the Bike Kit will be available really soon....and they'll be looking fantastic thanks to your sweet designing skills.

    I like the looks of the #30daysofbiking jerseys as well....I hope they send those off to print.


  2. Wow Bob you are really getting artsy ;)

    Seriously I like your jersey designs. And thanks so much for doing the #bikeschool design... pushing us to get it done. Wouldn't have happened if not for you buddy. Cheers!

  3. +1 on the #30daysofbiking design. I love it too! And I got my #bikeschool jersey yesterday. Awesome Bob, very nicely done. Thanks for your work on it!