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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time on the Rollers is Time on the Bike

Ok, so on Monday, I said I would bring the old bike, the Schwinn, home so I could set it up on the CycleOps trainer and start riding.  Well, I did!  Ok, it's not that big of a deal, but it is a start.  Considering I haven't ridden since early September, it was an important start.

Even the Schwinn was sad to just be sitting at the apt in New Richmond.  So, I loaded it up and brought it home.
As I was strapping it on, an older woman said, with a hint of jealousy, that I must be heading someplace warm.  Well, Madison is a little warmer than New Richmond.  And the basement is warmer than it is outside, so I guess she was right.

On Friday, I set it up and actually rode.

30 min on Friday and 20 more on Saturday.  A rest day today - my legs are still sore, as is my seat.  Tomorrow and Tuesday more seat time.  It wasn't a glorious start, but it was a start.  And I feel good about it.

1/10:  Another 30 minutes today.  Sore and sweaty after the ride, but feel good about getting the ride in.
Tomorrow, I ride again!  (Though I do need a new tube and new tire.)  After tomorrow, it won't be until Saturday until my next ride.

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