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Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 - A New Beginning

Or is it more like Groundhog Day (the Bill Murray movie)?

Since RAGBRAI XXVIII ended back on July 31st, I have riden a total of four rides.  The chaos of life and work caught up to me and didn't find - or make - the time to ride like I should have.

Now, it's winter in Wisconsin.  It's 15ºF out right now.  And snowing.  And I don't have any winter gear.  At least I didn't until I found these! 
Thermals!  But I still need a base layer, winter gloves, a balaclava, boots for over the cleats.  (Just started riding last spring, so still acquiring the necessary gear.)  Should have gotten out when the temps hit the 40s last week.  Whoulda, coulda, but didn't.

In the meantime, all the weight I lost getting ready to ride RAGBRAI - not a lot really, only about 15 lbs - has all come back, plus some more. 

I follow some folks on Twitter (@thenoodleator; @TheBeerRunner; @lovingthebike; @bikerly; @eggman; @rcmckill; @GrouchoSports) who are all still riding, running, training.  I hope to be inspired by their dedication.  Instead, I mostly feel guilty.  They're doing it... no excuses.

RAGBRAI seems so far away.  Both in the past and in the future.

But, on the bright side, registration for #XXIX now open, both directly on the RAGBRAI site as well as through Team LIVESTRONG.  I need, for my sake, to get registered and to get started on training.  For the same reasons I started to ride last year... to take care of me - physically and emotionally.

So, it's January 3rd.  I'm up north and can't do anything about it now, but I think on Friday, when I am home again, I'll set my old bike up on the CycleOps (trainer) and start riding. (My home is 250 mi from my office - so I stay up here during the week and return home for the weekends.)  Even if it's only a couple days a week, I need to get started.  And now is as good a time as any.

RAGBRAI XXIX, here I come!  Wanna join on the ride?

Also thinking of riding the Miller Lite Ride for the Arts (June 5 in Milwaukee) and GRABAWWR Lite (June 18th, Land O' Lakes, WI).

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