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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Out With the Old, In with the New

Until September, it was,I thought, a pretty good year on the bike. I rode a number of events,including RAGBRAI, the UPAF Ride for the Arts, and the Wisconsin Triple Crown series. Since mid-Sept, I haven't been on the bike. (Long story, not for here.) At least until the new year. I've been on the trainer three of the first four days of 2014. And I can feel the layoff in my legs and lungs. 

By far, the most challenging thing I did was the Triple Crown. Ever. The three rides, in Arcadia, Viroqua and Dodgeville were seriously hilly. The first two had some really steep climbs (that I had to walk up!). But I completed the three rides and earned my jersey. I was REALLY looking forward to riding it again in 2014. I wanted to make it up those hills. And ride longer distances. Then, on 12/30, I got an e-mail from the organizers that they are discontinuing the series and not running two of the events (Arcadia Brute and Kickapoo Kicker [Viroqua]). My guess is there is some personal/family issues with the one group of organizers. The Dairyland Dare (Dodgeville) ride is still a go. And I'm going for it!  

Looking ahead to 2014, I am looking at some of the same rides: Minnesota Ironman Ride (late Apr), Ride for the Arts (early June) and Dairyland Dare (mid Aug). The big question mark is RAGBRAI. It's a week long ride in late July. That's a long time to be away from home. And it's right around the time of the audit at work. (Since I'm the business official of a public school district in WI, so it's kind if a big deal.) I'll have to see how things shake out. I do love it. But I hate being gone that long. 

Whether or not I ride RAGBRAI, I plan to still fundraise for the LIVESTRONG Foundation as part of the team. (If you want to get in ahead of the crowd, here's my fundraising page if you want to make a donation:

So, for 2014, I'm going to ride as many events as I can. I hope to ride 3000 miles (including trainer) and be on my bike 250+ days this year. I'm also going to try (again) to be more diligent about updating this blog. Perhaps expand the scope of the blog to beyond just my riding adventures: updates on pro cycling, including women's cycling; commuting information (even though I don't bike commute any more); cycling safety; and other miscellaneous stuff. 

What are your plans for the coming year?

As always, your feedback is welcome and encouraged!

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  1. So proud of your goals! Im not sure I have anything solid planned- but I just want to be on the bike and breathe. Open space. Country roads. Blue sky. And nothing except the bike ...