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Friday, April 26, 2013

Ride Time!

On Sunday morning, I'll be rolling out to ride the 50 mile route of the MN Ironman Ride. This will be the first event of a busier season. No races, but more rides.

I'm a little nervous about Sunday's ride. I've only done one ride this year over 30 miles. But it was last weekend. And it was almost the same distance (50+). But I was sore and tired afterwards. (In a good way.)

I'm leaving for Minnesota in the afternoon tomorrow and will spend the night with my brother and his wife in Minneapolis. (Thanks, Chuck & Cindy!). Sunday morning I will get up and drive over to Stillwater, where the ride will be held.

The organizers have done an interesting job of laying out the routes this year. There are three routes, but you can combine them to create your own ride. Except the 50-mi route, which closes early. Since that's the route I'm riding, that's a non-issue. If, by (fat) chance, I'm feeling good after the 50, I may another loop to extend my day. We'll see. I'll still have a 3-1/2 hour ride home that afternoon, so it will also depend on timing.

In three weeks is my next ride... the Arcadia Brute. I've signed up for the 100km (~65 mi) ride. But it's hilly. 7 climbs of 300-400 feet each. 6500 total feet of climbing in under 65 mi.

HOLY HELL! What the fuck did I sign up for?!?
In contrast, this weekend's ride has 900' of climbing in 52 mi. Better up my training regimen. More hills in the next couple weeks. (My 50+ mi ride last week had just over 2,000' of climbing. Nice, but NO where near where I need to be!)

Well, wish me luck as I start my season. More after I return from Minnesota.


  1. Hey Bob! THat's awesome that you're doing Arcadia! My husband talked about it, but decided to wait until next year. I may just join him! Want to team up on the 65 next year? That'd be a hell of a time!


    1. Sounds great, Sarah! Stay tuned to this space for a ride report from Arcadia. I'm also doing Viroqua (Kickapoo Kicker) and Dodgeville (Dairyland Dare) rides this summer, as well the UPAF Ride for the Arts in Milwaukee. That's a great ride - a flat course. 25, 50, or 75 mi options. And, of course, RAGBRAI and the iGranFondo in July.