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Friday, March 15, 2013

Stomach of Anger

You may have noticed the logo to the right that was added to my page layout not too long ago. It's actually a linked logo, so if you click on it, you'll go to the SOA website. Which I strongly advise, if you want to order some really cool cycling-themed t-shirts. (Full disclosure, I own four of them already.)

The reason that logo is there is that the guys at SOA have agreed to sponsor me on my big one-day rides this year. Yes, me, a middle-aged slightly over-weight weekend warrior cyclist just trying to carve out enough time to ride so that my body can actually withstand the rigors of a timed 100-mi ride. Pretty cool, huh?

So the deal is, SOA is sending me a kit (that's what they call the jersey and shorts together) to wear at these events (the Ironman Ride MN, the Wisconsin Triple Crown, the UPAF Ride for the Arts (MKE) and the iGranFondo). I wear the kit and promote the brand (and hopefully don't embarrass myself or them with my performances).

And, while they haven't asked me to, I will be sharing information about any promos they're running, etc. Which, btw, they have right now: $12.00 t-shirts for 2011 & 2012 designs. Click on the link and happy shopping!

Maybe next year, I can get them to pay my entry fees to these rides, too.

You, too, can sponsor me. By clicking on the LIVESTRONG logo at the top of the page, you can donate to the Foundation and support my fundraising efforts to ride with the TeamLIVESTRONG on RAGBRAI again this summer. The Foundation does great work supporting patients and their loved ones at the start of their fight against cancer. Educational materials, connecting patients to clinical trials, assistance with insurance issues, etc. LIVESTRONG is there, in te corner for patients, when things are the craziest as they're just learning what hey are up against.

My goal this year is is to raise $5.00 for every mile of this year's RAGBRAI, or just over $2000. I appreciate your support!

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