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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So, last time I talked about my possible ride schedule for the year.  Since then, I have registered for the Wisconsin Triple Crown series - three rides in hilly western Wisconsin, one in May, one in June and one in August.  Each of the rides has multiple distance options.  I signed up for 100K-100K-150K (62 mi - 62 mi - 93 mi).  It'll be a real challenge.  One that I look forward to.

But looking back the last two years, I noticed that the two big rides I did early in the season - the MGF in 2011 and Feed the Need in 2012 - were tough rides, in part because I don't think I was as ready physically for them as I should have been or wanted to be.  That proved out as I nearly dropped out of one and I didn't finish the other.  The first of the Triple Crown rides is only two weeks after these other rides.

(Sad note: I was thinking of riding the Feed the Need again this year, but a shorter route, as a tune up for the Arcadia Brute.  I e-mailed to check on registration and was disappointed to hear that the ride is cancelled.  It was too much work with too little return to donate to the food pantry.)

So, I need to step up my training.  I think I need to do more than riding the trainer and I need to start earlier.  I need to be stronger in early May.  The Arcadia Brute will be a hilly 100 km.  And if the weather is like what its been the last two years....

What to do?

I am starting the Insanity DVD workout series.  Fortunately, we have it already, so I didn't need to order it.  I'm not expecting any miracles.  But I am hoping to lose a few pounds, shed a few inches and improve my strength as well as prep myself aerobically. 

So, here's my accountability.  I started with the Fit Test on Monday, January 28.  At this time, I weigh 217.6 with 25.0% body fat (according to our scale - see pic below).  And here are my goals - one level I will be satisfeid with on April 1 and two others with increasing enthusiasm if when I surpass the initial goal.
BF %
Wish me luck! After two days, I'm already sore. 

Edit: This morning was day three. I was tired during the warm-up and had a hard time keeping up. (Maybe not enough sleep last night had something to do with it.)  Finally gave up about half-way through the day's workout.  But I don't feel bad about that.  I will come back tomorrow and repeat it. 

I am not worried about, nor is it my goal to, getting six-pack abs and be ripped like the hard bodies they have working out behind the instructor.  My goal is to improve my overall health and fitness.  This includes losing some weight and inches. (A flat stomach would be nice, but ripped? Let's be realistic.) I want to be stronger for the hills of Triple Crown and improve my cardio and circulatory systems.  So if the 60-day system turns into 90, who cares?  It's results that I am interested in.

BEFORE PICS - skip if you're squeamish!

WARNING - not exactly a pretty picture!

Before - ugh!


  1. I, too, fell off the bandwagon. I'll be signing up for the MGF in a month, which is at the end of April in the hilly St. Croix River Valley area this year! Last year I started on the trainer on 2/1, and I was ready for it, but pushed too hard, too fast, and had to overcome tendinitis before the MS 150. Ease back into it, my friend, and listen to your body! We'll never have 6-pack abs. I've accepted that, as well as the fact that my hair won't magically grow back. ;) Heck-I'd love to get to 15% BF-but just don't know if I will ever be able to do it. Change takes even longer for us older farts. :) Keep the goals realistic and attainable. Good for you for putting yourself out there and committing to a goal. You'll do great, of that I am sure. Let's check in on each other every once in a while to make sure we're making progress! Cheers.

    1. Thanks, Matt! Yes, let's stay in touch as we get ready for thew season.

      I really don't have an idea of what sort of BF% I should be shooting for. I just know that 25% is too high. I figure that will come down as I lose weight and get fitter.

      As for the MGF, I thought about doing that instead of the Feed the Need Ride, but it involves an overnight stay, and with the Arcardia Brute only a couple weeks after, I shouldn't leave home for it. FtN was local, so I could go and return the same day. Still thinking of the LT Gran Fondo at the end of August though!

  2. I will be disappointed if we don't get a ride in together this year. ;) As I've gotten fitter, I've noticed that my BF% hasn't dropped substantially. But, my weight has dropped, as has my cholesterol (by 25 points!). So I know I'm going in the right direction, no matter what the BF% says on the scale. :)

    Dude-you're *always* welcome to stay at my place if you're in town-no need for a hotel! The LT Gran Fondo would be a great ride to end the season with-let's start planning on it!

  3. Focus man! You can do this! For the record, I was too much of a skirt to sign up for TC. Maybe next year!


    1. Thanks, Sarah! I was presently surprised this morning. The alarm went off at 5:15 and I just wanted to roll over. By the time I reset the alarm, I was ready to get up, so I got to work on the days routine. Glad I did!