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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


TODAY, Tuesday.  July 17.  Madison, WI.

FRIDAY, July 21.  Sioux City, IA.

Between the two is over 400 miles.  And only two days.

Today, I am here in Madison.  By Friday afternoon (after a full day of driving), I'll be in Sioux City.  With tent, sleeping bag, duffle, and my cycle.

To date, I have done almost nothing to be ready.  Well, other than ride nearly 3000 miles this year.  But, in terms of packing and getting everything ready for the trip, not so much.

I need to pack cycling clothes and gear; regular clothes; the tent.  I need to wash the bike and mount the roof rack.  I need to make sure I have all the equipment/tools/nutrition I need, including a refill on my inhaler and allergy meds.

There is a lot to do between now and Friday morning.  After that, it's the 400 mile drive west.

Then I ride!  Almost 600 mile over 8 days.  I can't wait!  As long as I remember to pack the Chamois But'r!  Who cares if we're having a record (or near-record) hot summer?  As long as you're moving, you create your own wind.

Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for updates.  I'll try to blog if I can, but likely that will happen after the ride is done.

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