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Friday, March 2, 2012

Looking Back ... and Looking Ahead

Looking Back: Goal check for Feb.
So, two of my goals for the year are to a) spend some time in the saddle on 250 days in 2012; and b) to bikecommute at least 175 days. The latter includes days of park-n-bike, where I drive into Madison and bike from the north side to the office.

In January, I rode 17 days, including 9 bikecommutes. In February, it was 16 and 11. So far, then, I've ridden 33 of 60 days and bikecommuted 20. Both are below a rate to get me to my goal, but there's plenty of time to correct that.

Speaking of which...

Looking Ahead: 30 Days of Biking
... looking ahead to April, it's #30DaysOfBiking again. A couple guys in Minneapolis started this in 2010. Every April and September, people register for the event (free), commit to riding every day that month (even if just around the block at 11:30 pm!), and share their stories on social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter). If you're interested, check them out at Last year over 2,000 bicyclists across the globe took part.

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