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Monday, May 23, 2011

Family Ride

I thought about writing today about how awesome my rides were this weekend - a 25 mi ride averaging 17+ mph (which is fast for me) and a 39 mile ride w/ lots of hills and fighting the wind.  But, something better happened yesterday.

On Saturday, I was talking w/ my 21 y.o. step-son about going for a bike ride.  He is interested in biking to add some aerobic work to his routine.  He's going to be using my old Schwinn.  We decided to do a ride Sunday morning.  My 9 y.o. daughter wanted to join us.  Sunday morning started with coffee, the paper, and the previous day's stage of the Tour of California.  As others woke up, we made breakfast (waffles, from scratch) and started getting ready.

At 10:00 the three of us headed out to the garage to get the bikes ready and head out.  I was on DB, my commuter bike, Olivia was on the trailer bike attached to DB, and Ryan on the Schwinn.  We had a great ride! It wasn't the fastest, but we had fun.  We went about 5-3/4 miles in town. I was real happy that Olivia wanted to go along.

She enjoys riding with me and likes it when I pick her from school using the bike too.

After we returned home, I switched bikes to my road bike and Ryan I took off again. We rode together for about 4 miles before he pealed off to head home.  I'm glad he rode, too. He seemed to like it. So, maybe there are a couple more people in the family who are Loving The Bike.


  1. Doesn't it feel great when the other members of your Family start Loving the Bike as much as you do? I know I absolutely love it.


  2. Thanks Darryl. Yeah, it's awesome sharing the love.

    Olivia has talked about joining me on RAGBRAI in the future. I think a tandem may be my next bike! :^)

  3. Awww! What a great post! Sometimes I get so caught up in "getting in those training miles" (whether its running or riding) that you forget that sometimes its fun and worthwhile to just piddle around and relax. Going for an easy run/ride with friends or family means so much more in the long run and you also make memories that you'll have for a lifetime. PLUS, you are setting a wonderful example of being active for your children. A WIN all around! :)