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Monday, February 14, 2011

An Actual Ride ... on Real Roads

This past weekend it got above 32F!  Snow was melting.  The sun was shining.  Perfect day for a ride!

This would be the first ride of the year.  Well, the first REAL ride.  While getting in the saddle on the trainer down in the basement is exercise, it is not riding on the roads.  So, with Carol busy on a work project, I took advantage of the time and weather to go for a "short" ride.  (Short being a relative term.  Compared to rides I was doing last summer, it would be nothing.  Relative to my current fitness level it would be... not short!)

This would also be a great chance to try on my LIVESTRONG thermal jersey and pants.

Umm, yeah.  Not thrilled with the way it's fitting.  All that time not riding last fall and through the winter is showing up.  Spandex has no mercy.

10.67 miles and 43 minutes lated, I was gassed, achy and wet.  And loving it.  My lungs were burning and my legs ached.  As for the wet, there was plenty of road spray.  And then I took a fall going through some slush.  LMAO.

A great ride.  A great day to be #lovingthebike.

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